Top 10 Best plugins for WordPress 2010

WordPress has gained popularity as not just as a blog but also as a content management system and a website development platform. Another reason for its increased popularity is the innumerable number of plugins available. With these plugins you can accomplish almost any thing on your site or blog on WordPress.

Let us take a look few of the top 10 plugins for WordPress that you cannot do with this year:

1. WordPress Super Cache: This plugin helps load pages much faster and also stores static versions of your website. This is the reason why it takes very little space in your Central Processing Unit.

2. Headspace2: This makes Search Engine Optimisation much simpler. Its advanced features helps you take your website to the peak. You may have worked a lot on the SEO of your site, but with WordPress plugin, you need to spend very little time on SEO and takes care of that part itself.

3. Akismet: This is a built-in filter that stops spams. You may not require to put in the option of Captcha if you activate Akismet. It works 99% effectively. So, if you want your posts or page to remain spam-free. Activate Akismet.

4. WPtouch iPhone Theme: This is a very popular plugin for 2010. If you want to transform your website into a lighter version for the mobile, you can use this plugin. Once you activate this, anyone trying to visit your site on his/her mobile can see a pleasant looking and lighter adaptation of your original website.

5. No follow Case by Case: This plugin helps Google Page Rank determine and analyse your page as it traces back to your website. Use this plugin to increase followers to your website.

6. WP-DBManager: With this amazing plugin you can use WordPress to email the entire WordPress database to you everyday. It is usually used for site backup but this emailing facility is quite attractive for a lot of users.

7. Thank Me Later: All first time visitors to your site will receive an e-mail telling them about your site’s RSS and inviting them to join it. This function is available with the plugin Thank Me Later. You could custom your message and write one, which you want your readers to get when they visit and exit from your site.

8. WP-PageNavi: With this plugin your users can easily navigate on your page. They can directly go to whichever page they want to visit. This plugin provides page buttons for the easier comprehension of users.

9. SEO Slugs: This plugin is used to strip out any unnecessary word from your permalink without you having to do anything about it. Web addresses can become very long if you have ton use an entire post title as slug. If there is scope for highlighting a keyword, then this title may distract attention. Hence, this plugin is very useful for you.

10. SEO Smart Links: Using this plugin you can interlink your articles within the website. This is a great way to improve the ranking of your pages on Google. You should encourage linking within your site as it helps bring your page to the top through improved ranking.

These tips are provided by a lot of support from wordpress.